Concordium Grants

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The private family office of Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman of the Concordium Foundation, has decided to allocate an investment pool of initially EUR10m to projects and use cases building on the Concordium blockchain.

There is a wealth of young entrepreneurs with great ideas for what blockchain technology can be applied to in the future and Seier Capital wishes to expand its exposure to these companies of the future.

The new pool of EUR10m is dedicated primarily to helping new projects get off the ground and accelerate projects and/or incentivize them to migrate to and use the unique ecosystem and features of the Concordium blockchain.

The money will be allocated both as grants to projects choosing to build on Concordium or integrate an existing project in Concordium’s blockchain.


Concordium Grants

Start-up grants of EUR 5,000-50,000

These grants will be offered to develop promising ideas and projects to a seed capital or MVP level and to help students and young entrepreneurs testing their vision in real life. Grants will be released according to an agreed project delivery schedule. The process for achieving a grant is simple and quick. In return, Seier Capital will receive the possibility of converting the grant to equity at the seed round of the project.


Grant is distributed as decided by the Investment Committee. I.e.

  • 1/3 upon presentation of an approved project deck.
  • 1/3 upon launching the project MVP on Concordium testnet.
  • 1/3 upon launching BETA project on Concordium mainnet.

The investment committee will consider the following:

  • Possibility of converting the grant to equity at the seed round of the project.

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